BIGZ AKA KRIS CASH is a music producer from the metro New York area New Rochelle to be exact. Bigz started out as a D.J. in the mid-1990's. Partnering up with his brother Boy G, and childhood friend Sinque. Doing parties from Westchester to New York City the crew was known to be some of the hottest D.J.'s in the area at the time. As a D.J. Bigz played Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B. In the late 1990's Bigz branched out and became interested in music production. Officially becoming a producer in 1999, Bigz started an independent record label called Lyphstyles Entertainment with his childhood friend Jean aka J-Nice. Bigz would handle the production, J-Nice would handle the promotion. The duo started working with local artists, helping them to release mixtapes and independent albums. Over the years Bigz has produced for artists both signed and unsigned like NINE, SNYPLIFE (D-Block), AMEER, NINJAH, SAINT, and a host of others.